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The style is named "Rhythm" symbolising the charming rhythmic sound produced during weaving which is completely unique to the weaver’s handloom.


This beautifully constructed top is hand-woven with tencel yarns that are dyed with natural dyes. Olive green extracted from marigold flowers with a 2% addition of Iron mordant and an earthy red from madder roots go hand in hand on this elegant piece.

These effortlessly chic pants are hand-woven with coarser tencel yarns for great comfort. The yarns are natural dyed with earthy red extracted from madder roots and Indigo blue from Indigo plant results in a classic combination of a stunning royal purple.




Natural Dyes


Dobby weave

pale green.png
plain weave.png
plain weave.png
pale green.png
plain weave.png
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